Hi! My name is Lindsey, but of course you already knew that. I have been perfecting my love of photography for nearly seven years. While my passion lies in child portraiture, I enjoy photographing all aspects of life. Including births, newborns, children of all ages, and families.

When I'm not behind my camera, you can find me with my three fantastic, rambunctious and maybe a little crazy kiddos.. They have always been my inspiration and models even though unwilling at times.


I'm a lover of all things pink. I don't go a day without my Black Rock Coffee. A die hard Survivor fan. And have been known to binge read an entire book in a day. I used to drag race my yellow mustang. I come from a family of eight kids (yup you read that right). Married my best friend whom I've known for nearly 30 years. I love music and I have the best Pandora station ever, just ask and I'll share. I'm laid back and love my jeans. Birds and Owls speak to my soul and the polar bears are my favorite exhibit at the zoo. We live with two furry kitties that nearly drive me to crazy cat lady status on Instagram. I'm a Nikon gal through and through that is completely self taught.. I have my 16 years in retail management to thank for a load of tall tales, a large group of lasting friends, a few gray hairs and a vast knowledge of customer service. I love to go junking and collect props along the way. But above all, my family is the light of my life.